Malfew Seklew, Street Fakir

1845-1945, Historical Work, Malfew Seklew, The Clarion, Trevor Blake / Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Excerpt from a letter circa July 1932, from Warren Starr Van Valkenburgh (New York) to Emma Goldman (St. Tropez).

I am enclosing the first issue of a boot-leg publication called the Clarion. L. J. Shapiro is a contractor, sympathizer but not an anarchist. He made available sufficient funds for the first three issues. Archie Turner was formerly with Havel on [illegible] Gordin, you know. Amedy Chappeau is a French comrade, an individualist and always considered a dependable comrade. I understand he has merely lent his name to give the Clarion some reason to be. Malfew Seklew is a street fakir with a flair for alliterative sentences. He claims to have been a follower of Kropotkin’s for more than 30 years until he found out how much more he knew than Peter and what damn fools and underdeveloped organisms the anarchists are when he decided that nothing matters but the ego and that the greatest social system man has ever devised is the capitalist system which provides bread and luxuries for hordes too dumb to provide it for themselves. Therefore if 30 capitalists would quit business tomorrow, the whole working class would starve within the next week. He is something over seventy and draws an old age pension from the State of NY, which may have something to do with his defense of capitalism! Anyhow no one takes him seriously except A. Gordin and A. Turner. But he is one of the sponsors of the Clarion. As to its contents, they speak for themselves.

Union of Egoist Note: the letter immediately following this one is Emma Goldman’s statement of earnings from Living My Life, published by Alfred A. Knopf.

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