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Bibliographic, Housekeeping / Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

The largest task at hand is getting the mountain of information I already have online in a logical way that’s pleasant to look at. There are a ton of great resources, but they often designed in a way that is incredibly annoying to try to read, or don’t make any sense.

There is also a transitionary stage where I’ve put information is online, but in an ugly way, just to get it there. I had, at one point, a disclaimer that the website was “under construction”, but my wise co-editor Trevor Blake suggested “everyone should understand that the internet is a work in progress”.

This transitional design is currently evident on The Storm! (1976) page, where I’ve just published two PDFs. The listing for the first two individual issues are in our “final style”, but the rest of the page is a bit of a wreck. Slowly but surely it is all being fixed and updated.

Here are the recent PDFs:

The Storm | Issue 1 | April, 1976 | PDF
This individualist anarchist/egoist journal comes thirteen years after Sidney Parker‘s Minus One (1963), and a year before Michael Coughlin begins publishing The Dandelion (1977). This issue was scanned from a LMP microfiche.

The Storm | Issue 2 | October 1976 | PDF
Our pal Sidney Parker drops a letter to the editor in this issue, as well as Peter McAlpine of The Occult Technology of Power, an oddball libertarian/conspiracy classic. This issue was scanned from a LMP microfiche. The Storm! states explicitly that it was “anti-copyright” in this issue, though I have done due diligence to track down the publisher for permission before posting scans online. Seel note with red text below!

“The Anarchism of Max Stirner” by Sidney Parker |  PDF
Freedom Anarchist Review | Vol. 41 No. 23 | November 22, 1980

Twice | Issue 1 | 1963 | PDF
Edited by S.E. Parker, 14 pages, 8×10″. A one-off creative writing journal that he edited with his wife Pat. It seems Twice was only published once.

Minus One | Issue 6 | Jan-Feb 1965 | PDF
UoE member Benjamin DeCasseres makes an appearance here.

Minus One | Issue 22 | June 1968 | PDF
The strange thing here is the actual copy is dated 1967, but Bernd Laska’s original bibliography shows it as being published in 1968. Because the issue before it is still on microfiche, I can’t confirm what is the right year.


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