Index of The Storm (1976) journal online….

1946-Today, Bibliographic, Journals, Ragnar Redbeard, Sidney E. Parker / Friday, May 20th, 2016
UoE has an index of every issue of the New York egoist journal The Storm (1976), edited by Mark Sullivan. We transcribed the existing indexing that was done by John Zube for his Libertarian Microfiche Publishing project.
Our priority is getting the information online in a presentable way, but currently we do not have a uniform presentation of all the information on the site from one page to the next. That will be coming and evolving, over time. If you’d like to send a comment, or might have something we could use, do let us know.
Below we’ve also reproduced an order form for The Storm and some distro items available from Mark Sullivan/The Mackay Society circa 1998. Click the images for a larger size.
PP501-TheStormOrderForm-01 PP501-TheStormOrderForm-02
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