UoE Interview: Svein Olav Nyberg

1946-Today, E. Armand, i-studies, non serviam

An interview with Svein Olav Nyberg Mr. Nyberg, could you briefly tell us your definition of Egoism? What authors have inspired your writing? My direct inspirations have been few. Perhaps only Max Stirner should be mentioned, since I more or less considered myself a disciple of his in my active years. But there have been […]

June 13, 2019

References and Allusions to Max Stirner

Max Stirner

References and quotations from Stirner appear in odd places. Collected below are a few of those references. Originally gathered by Dan Davis for the Egoist Archive. ** New additions from The Independent Ego @worthy248 The Failure of Christianity by Emma Goldman The Rebel by Camus Human Action by Ludwig Von Mises How I Found Freedom […]

July 30, 2017