Apio Ludd’s “My Own,” Spring 2017

We just got a new issue of Apio Ludd/Wolfi Landstreicher’s egoist journal My Own (2012) in. Someone is working on indexing past issues, so hopefully we’ll get that up on the page for it in the future. We did add the details of this issue. NOTICE: Apio has a NEW address to write to.
From the back cover:

My Own is available on a basis of mutuality. If you want to receive is, show me that you are aware of the effort and expense that goes into a project like this. Send cash, stamps, gifts, love letters, hate mail, …to:

Apio Ludd
P.O. Box 990 PMB136
Rogue River, OR 97537

My Own | No. 20 | Spring 2017
Subtitle/Theme: Self-Ownership and Self-Creation Against All Authority
edited by: Apio Ludd
size: 5.5×8.5″ | pages: 16


Calling Bullshit …Bullshit by Apio Ludd 1
The Bewitchment, Part III: The Trial by Nick Ford 2
Three Poems 7
Crossing the Alps by Annie Le Brun 9
Swinging through the Trees by Apio Ludd 9
Review: It’s Crazy How Many things Don’t Exist by Jean-Pierre Voyer 10
Review: Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon 11
My Unlikes by Ernest Coeurderoy 10
Ichabod Heranow: Wise Men versus Wise Asses  14
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