Bitcoin calamity, the egoist Indian Giver

A self-proclaimed “egoist” who donated bitcoin to the UoE project is currently levelling threats against the website and the editor because he found some personal point of disagreement with the editor.
Baffling to find such puritanical drives among self-proclaimed egoists. Funny how it has nothing to do with the UoE Project and its goals.
After the editor agreed to fully refund the bitcoin, the person in question continues a campaign of harassment and is threatening to “wipe the website of the face of the internet” and to dox the editor. Since the editor uses his real name, that probably is not such an amazing stunt.
Bitcoins are being retained as payment for dealing with harassment. The website may or may not be going down due to “hacking”.

You will further notice that we no longer have a bitcoin donation link on the navigation menu, because the only reason why we had it in the first place was to accept a donation from our “friend” who is now harassing us.

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