Der Geist (2017)

DerGeistCoverDesign-WorkingDer Geist is an English language digital blog and print journal reprinting and commenting on a century of egoist writing, focusing on the 100 years between 1845 – 1945. It will be edited by Trevor Blake and Kevin I. Slaughter.

The blog will feature news items and feature a wider range of items, updates about the website, short form ephemera and other items of long-term or transient interest. The print edition will consist of works by and about the subject of the journal, including reprints and new writing. Some of the work of Der Geist will be digital-first, some print-first, some digital exclusive, some print exclusive. The blog will feature contemporary news items when it is appropriate, but the journal will strictly be focused on figures, events and ideas from 1845-1945.


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Subtitle: The Journal of Egoism 1845-1945
Editors: Trevor Blake and Kevin I. Slaughter
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