What follows is a list of Individualist Anarchist and Egoist journals. The overlap in writers was significant and at times writers wavered from one to the other. As we’re able we will put archives online of the journals, whether just indexes, excerpts, individual issues or complete runs.EgoismJournalAdvert-The_Financial_Problem-36

What constitutes an “egoist journal” is something that has been discussed among some of us, and we do try to make the distinction between an “Egoist journal” and a “journal by an Egoist”, and generally not include the latter below. That distinction isn’t always as clear as we’d like. We can look to John Basil Barnhill aka John Erwin McCall as an example. He was responsible for one of my favorite egoist journals The Eagle and the Serpent (1898), but also The American Anti-Socialist. The former is clearly, unarguably an Egoist Journal. The latter is pretty clearly detached from egoism in any explicit way, even though it is published by an advocate of Egoism. Some of the titles listed here are on speculation, as no actual copies of a few of them have been acquired by the UoE in any format, but we’re relying on bibliographic data or some other account that would lead.

-Kevin I. Slaughter

The Word (1872) – edited by Ezra Heywood

Liberty (1881) – edited by Benjamin Tucker

Lucifer the Lightbearer (1883) – edited by Moses Harman

Egoism (1890) – edited by Henry and Georgia Replogle

The Alturian (1895) – published by Edward H. Fulton

The Age of Thought (1896) – published by Edward H. Fulton

Liberty Library (1896) – published by Edward H. Fulton

The Eagle and the Serpent (1898) – edited by John Erwin McCall

I (1898) – published by Clarence Lee Swartz

The Free Comrade (1900) – published by Clarence Lee Swartz

The Freewoman (1911) – edited by Dora Marsden

The New Freewoman (1913) – edited by Dora Marsden

The Egoist (1914) – edited by Dora Marsden for some issues, contributor for others

The New Order (1919) – Steven T. Byington, contributing editor

Der individualistische Anarchist (1919) – Benedict Lachmann, publisher

The 1776 American (1920) – published by Edward H. Fulton

Ego (1921) – published by Edward H. Fulton

The Egoist (1924) – published by Edward H. Fulton

The Mutualist (1925) – published by Edward H. Fulton

The Eagle and the Serpent (1927) – edited by Richard G. McKnight

The Clarion (1932) – edited by Abba Gordin, then Archie Turner

Minus One (1963) – edited by Sidney E. Parker

Libertarian Broadsides (1967) – edited by James J. Martin

The Storm (1976) – edited by Mark A. Sullivan

The Dandelion (1977) edited by Michael E. Coughlin

Ego (1982) – edited by Sidney E. Parker

Non Serviam (1992) – edited by Svein Olav Nyberg

En Marge (1995) – edited by Sidney E. Parker

i-studies (2011) – edited by Svein Olav Nyberg

Sovereign Self (2011) – edited by Cresencia Desafio

My Own (2012) – edited by Wolfi Landstreicher/Apio Ludd

Modern Slavery (2012) – edited by Jason McQuinn

Stand-Alone (2016) – edited by the Union of Egoists

Der Geist (2017) – edited by Trevor Blake and Kevin I. Slaughter